Project Description

Paver Block Shot Blasting technique is a process of imparting slightly rough texture to the paver block surface by directing a high-velocity stream of steel shots at the concrete surface. This product is changing the way people pave their driveways. We maintain an edge over the competition in quality, supply and range of shot blasted paving. This architectural finish imparts outstanding looks as a result of the textured surface and contrasting exposed aggregates.

Why Shot Blasted Pavers?

  • Enhances the aesthetic look of pavers by adding a rough texture on the surface with exposed aggregates that is lauded by designers worldwide
  • Emulates the natural appearance of a rock which is visually very appealing

  • Shot blasted pavers also provide immense grip to the surface making it anti-slippery

  • Total cleaning of the concrete surface off any ungainly efflorescence

Application of Shot Blasted Pavers:

Swimming Pool DeckDrivewaysParking LotsParksHotel LobbyPavementsCommercial Compounds PatioVillasCycling Path PodiumRampsDisabled Access

Application of Shot Blasted Pavers:

Swimming Pool DeckDrivewaysParking Lots ParksHotel Lobby Pavements Commercial Compounds Patio VillasCycling PathPodium RampsDisabled Access