Project Description

Invented by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th century, it was initially made with scrap marble set in clay and sealed with goat milk. Terrazzo is a material used to decorate floors, walls, objects and furniture. It is made with marble, brass or glass elements placed into a coloured liquid pigmented cement base. Upon completion of the hardening stage, polishing will reveal the beauty of the decorative chips. Terrazzo tile help create tranquil and timeless spaces, where experiences and memories linger to give enduring beauty and extreme durability. Brought back to the spotlight recently as a warm and versatile decorative element, Terrazzo can be easily customised and adapted to any decorative style. We manufacture a wide range of customisable Terrazzo tiles


  • The obvious advantage to Terrazzo, besides its beauty, is the fact it will last for centuries. However, there are a number of other good reasons to choose Terrazzo floors.

  • Terrazzo is ‘green’ since it’s made from all natural materials, there are no volatile organic compounds in Terrazzo and because it’s usually made from stone chips and scraps it also has a high percentage of recycled material.

  • Terrazzo is versatile – You can install Terrazzo inside or outside. It can be used to provide a beautiful patio or pool deck, a clean, elegant and long lasting indoor floor and, with its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, an ideal floor for malls, offices, building lobbies, landings and steps.

  • Terrazzo is healthy – since it’s made primarily from stone, Terrazzo is bacteria resistant. It’s easy to clean without using any potentially hazardous chemicals – warm water and a little soap will keep it looking great for years.


Maya Blue


Anchor Grey

Azure Blue

Baby Blue

Barn Red

Carolina Blue


Cider Orange

Clover Green



Fern Green


Fossil Grey

Graphite Grey

Green White

Jaisalmer Yellow

Lava Grey